Healthy Holiday Cocktail Guide

Healthy Holiday Cocktail Guide

Happy Holidays, friends! ‘Tis the season for eating and drinking…and more eating and drinking. It’s a beautiful thing. Nothing says holiday spirit quite like a splash of the alcohol variety, amiright?! Here at The Healthy Peaches, we are “have your cake and eat it too” kind of girls. So we created a short cocktail guide for how to sip and savor your holiday party without all the additives.

Beware of the mixer. 

Let’s be real, most mixers have enough sugar to rival a slice of chocolate cake. Skip the sodas, juices,and syrups and use simple ingredients to flavor your drink. Our favorite enhancers include fresh citrus and other fruits, fragrant herbs, naturally flavored seltzer water or club soda. Or go bold with jalapeño or bitters. Another great option?Kombucha! It has tons of flavor, a little fizz, and a whole lot of probiotics.Keep reading for a cranberry kombucha cocktail that will have your holiday guests coming back for more.  

Know your portion size.

Nothing will derail your best efforts to avoid overindulging at a holiday gathering than not being aware of portion sizes. Want to know how to do a few quick drink measures at a party? If you are pouring wine and have a real wineglass available, fill to the widest part of the glass; this usually correlates well with a standard 5 oz serving. If your party is using disposable, grab a red plastic cup (you know the one). Pour to the second line on the cup; that’s a 5oz wine serving. One 1.5 oz serving of liquor or brandy is the equivalent of 1jigger. And we just learned of a new trick with a high ball glass. You can wrap your ring finger around the bottom of the glass and pour. If you fill up to one finger high, that equals 1 oz. Two fingers equal two ounces, etc. Other creative solutions? We have seen someone use a baby bottle in a pinch. No judgement here.

Standard Drink Sizes

Light beer= 12 fl oz

Malt beer= 8-9 fl oz

Table wine= 5 oz

Fortified wine= 3-4 fl oz

Liqueur= 2-3 fl oz

Brandy or cognac= 1.5 fl oz

Liquor= 1.5 fl oz

Chose a smaller glass.

Olivia Pope may have inspired us all to purchase beautiful balloon wineglasses, but those babies can hold A LOT. It can be very easy to match your pour to the size of your drinking vessel and over serve yourself. Aim for a smaller glass to keep your portion in check (see above). Your future self will thank you the next morning.

Alternate with water between drinks.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know you’ve heard this one, but we included this tip for a reason. It can take 30 minutes to feel the effect of alcohol and more than an hour to metabolize it. If you are drinking more than one drink every 30-60 minutes, you are probably drinking too much, too fast. Sipping on water allows you to pump the breaks and be mindful of what you are eating and drinking. You do want to remember the good times, right?

Have a snack with protein, fat, and/or fiber before the party.

While this tip is not a cocktail change up, having a little snack before a shindig can help you make better choices. Eating before helps alcohol reach the bloodstream more slowly. Some of our go to snacks are things like nut butter with apple or celery, or yogurt dip/hummus with cucumbers. Not only are you adding some protein, fat and fiber to slow digestion, but you are also adding in foods with higher water content.Hello hydration, good bye hangover.

Consider your options.

If Aunt Cindy’s eggnog is the thing that you look forward to this time of year, then be all means, HAVE IT. Holidays are not the time of deprivation. What can be helpful is asking yourself, “What are those things that are must haves?” Your family’s famous spiked cider? Go for it! Another round of boxed red wine towards the end of the gathering?Probably not. Savor the things that you really want, and swap out slimmed down solutions for the rest.

We hope you enjoy a fun, festive (and safe!) holiday with friend and family. If you need a healthy cocktail that is sure to be a conversation starter, keep reading. Let us know how you put your own twist on our kombucha cocktail.

Cranberry Kombucha Cocktail

Festive, fizzy, and fun… that’s the way we like our cocktails, especially the holiday edition. Gin tastes pretty much like Christmas to us, so it’s the perfect pairing with a tart cranberry kombucha. Adding a splash of seltzer and squeeze of lime gives it a nod to gin and tonic.

3 shots cranberry kombucha (or other favorite flavor of your choice)

1 shot gin

1-2 shot of cranberry lime seltzer water

Squeeze of lime


Pour 3-4 ice cubes in a glass. Add remaining ingredients and lightly swirl with a long neck spoon to combine. Add an additional ½ oz cranberry juice to drive home cranberry flavor. Serve with fresh cranberries and springs of rosemary. Enjoy!

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